Roundtable 2

ULGR 2 talks will start at 10:30am on Dec. 1, Sat in Classroom Building(Laurel Hall) Room 202. Coffee and snack will be available a bit earlier.


The 2nd UConn Linguistics Graduate Roundtable (ULGR 2) is to be held in Room 202 Classroom Building(Laurel Hall) on Dec. 1st, 2012.

The UConn Linguistics Graduate Roundtable (ULGR) is the annual workshop run by and for UConn Linguistics graduate students. The purpose of this workshop is to provide our graduate students with an opportunity to present their work in a truly informal, receptive, and friendly environment; to allow them to receive feedback on their work (whatever stage of development it is in); to allow students to become familiar with the work of their peers, as well as to promote and foster interaction, discussion, and collaboration among people in our Department.

If you have any questions, please contact Zheng Shen at

Roundtable organizing committee: Emma Yang, Troy Messick, Zheng Shen, Safet Berisa, Lynshan Tieu.